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RM7300 LG PuriCare Commission Scheme

LG PuriCare is now recruiting sales agents, join us! Great direct selling business plan with minimum RM7300 commission scheme, Enjoy 3 years passive income.

Lg Puricare Sales Agent Business Plan

Collect RM1 from 10 Customers, You Earn RM7300

LG PuriCare, a new division from LG is now recuriting our own sales team. The most fastest and easiest way to start your own business. Today, I will show you how to start your zero cost business in LG PuriCare.

Renown Korea Brand LG

You're probably familiar with LG. Chances are, you have one of their appliances in your home.

Global Top 500 Companies

First is Apple, followed by Microsoft. LG is also included in the top 500 global companies, demonstrating its robust standing.

The best appliance company in Malaysia

The number one company in Malaysia, Petronas, is ranked 277th in the world, while the second best, Maybank, is ranked 364th. LG is ranked 192nd globally.

Start From Korea, Grow in Malaysia

LG established in Korea year 1947. Started in Malaysia year 2000.

Year 2019, right before Covid-19, we setup a new division or department called LG PuriCare with our first product water purifier. Coming into year 2023, we will expand in whole Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak. In the past, LG product sales are depended on third party dealers or agents such as SenQ, Senheng or Harvey Norman. Now, we have our own sales team department, we know our products well, we sell our products easily!

From Distribution to Subscription

Years ago, people bought a product paying one-off, now people buying product by monthly payment subscription.

In the past, you bought a software for few hundreds Ringgit, now you get a Microsoft Office for just RM20 a month; In the past, you bought a Nokia phone for few thousand ringgit, now you get an iPhone subscribe monthly plan for just RM150 a

Last time you bought a music CD for RM50, now for just few Ringgit every month, you can listen any songs in Spotify. Same goes to movie, now you can pay for few Ringgit every month and watch any movies you like in Netflix.
10 years ago, people buy Diamond water purifier, now you probably heard people pay monthly in Cuckoo.

Buy a 4K Sony TV with ten thousands ringgit, what about in the future you get a LG TV for just RM100/month?

LG PuriCare Products

LG already have a lot of category of products. LG PuriCare sales team only sell these 5 products at this moment.

Some people can’t even sell a great product; While some people can easily sell a bad product. It’s not about product, it’s all about you.

Jason Chong

LG PuriCare Water Purifier

Let us start with LG top seller product water purifier. As everyone need to drink water. Customers can either one-time purchase with RM4000 or monthly rental with RM110. Different product model, different pricing.

For monthly rental, customers just need to signup with RM1, and we will get our commission. The next month, customer will need to start paying the monthly rental by auto deduct from their credit/debit card.

Best Selling Water Purifier in Malaysia

There’s a lot of great water purifier brands in the market. Although LG is late in the game, but we are the fastest growing water purifier company, ranked number 3 in Malaysia. DUIT(S) unique selling points.

D – Design. Flexible 180° rotatable water purifier. Can install vertically or horizontally in your kitchen pantry.

U – UV sterilisation nozzle. LG PuriCare is the only one water purifier in Malaysia with UVnano sterilise light built right below the water dispenser nozzle.

I – Inverter compressor. The only one water purifier in Malaysia market using inverter compressor. It make the device last longer and energy saver.

T – Tankless technology. Without water tank, the water purifier now 50% smaller, lighter, and energy saver. The water is now fresh than never before.

S – Self service. While old water purifier need technician visits for maintenance, cleaning and change filter every 3 months. The new LG PuriCare now can auto self-sterilisation without need of technician, as the inner pipe is using stainless steel. The filter bottles send to your house every 6 months, 1 minute self-change without technician’s helps.

Everyone Need Water Purifier

With water purifier, you no longer need to boiled water. Instanly drink hot, warm and cold fresh water. Imagine having hot water at precisely the right temperature for your favorite drinks. Whether it's the perfect temperature for tea, coffee, or instant noodles.

LG PuriCare Air Purifier

You will need air purifier, if you're always turned on air-conditioner, cooking or having pets in your house, afraid of dust, pollution smog or allergy. Air purifier will be as important as water purifier.

Different Sizes of Air Purifier

LG PuriCare come with different sizes, form and factor. LG PuriCare air purifier probably is not the best in the market yet, however LG will launch a world best air purifier in Malaysia soon!

World's Best Air Purifier Is Coming Soon

Everytime a new product launched, we as an sales agents will get a lot of order enquiries. Are you excited with this sexy air purifier that come with air-conditioner or fans? It can also self-change filter without need of technician.

In LG, customers find you by themselves, in other direct selling companies, you need to find customers by yourself.

JASON CHONG Because everyone already know LG. That's why you're here reading this article.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

Last year 2021 during MCO, I sold this smart mask more than 100 units by myself, despite the expensive price tag for this. There's a lot of rich in the market. The best product in the best timing.

2021 Best Seller Product

The first month I started with LG PuriCare, I already become top sales for this product. Now no more MCO, everybody not wearing mask, I would suggest we focus back to the core essential product LG PuriCare water purifier.

LG Styler – Smart Wardrobe

Smart wardrobe only available in LG. This high-end product RM7399 is for rich market. With this, you no longer need to iron your cloths anymore, it can also sanitise and gentle dry your cloths.

LG InstaView Refrigerator

LG smart fridge RM6999. Knock the fridge door twice, and it will become transparent, can be looks through.

Future Product Lines

We're not just selling these 5 products. As our LG PuriCare sales team grow bigger, we will sell more variety of home appliances products.

LG have hundreds of products, R&D and manufactured by our own. Unlike other companies whereas they need to partnership with others to sell others’ products.

So, How Much We Earn?

13%, if customers one-time purchase. Or 3 months commission, if customer choose to monthly rental for the product.

Let’s say if customers monthly rental fee is RM110, you'll get RM330 commission on the spot without waiting for 3 months.

This is just PCM level commission. In LG PuriCare, we have 3 levels.

Basic Commission in 3 Levels

If you achieved certain level, you will be promoted to become PSM, your one-off commission will get extra 5%, or your rental commission will get extra 1 month. Which mean one unit you sold, you get total of 13% + 5% = 18% commission, or 3 + 1 = 4 months commission. You can override your downline’s commission, 5% or 1 month, even that’s not your customer.

If you promoted become PGM, you will get 13% + 5% + 2% = 20% commission or 3 + 1 + 0.5 = 4.5 months
commission. You can override your downline’s
downline’s commission, 3 levels.

3 Years Passive Income

Let's say customers choose rental plan, they will need to pay the monthly fee, and you will get 5% commission every month! Passive income.

If customers pay RM100 monthly, you earn RM5 monthly. This amount will become bigger, when you accumulated many customers throughout the years.

If you're PSM, you will get extra 2%, which mean customer pay RM100 monthly, you earn RM7 monthly. Your downline's customer, you override 2%.
If you're PGM, you will get extra 1%, or you can override your downline's downline's commission 1%.

These are just the Basic Commission. In LG PuriCare, we have many type of commissions.

Multiple Type of Commissions

Beside Basic Commission, we have Bonus Commission up to RM30,000. Let’s say if you achieved 10 unit sales, LG will top-up RM3000 bonus for you. If you achieve 20 units, 30 units, 40 units, LG will top-up extra bonus up to RM30,000. Performance Incentive up to RM1,200.

If you're top 3 in the month, quarterly or yearly, LG will give you extra cash as a top sales award recognition.

Your downline's success is your success, you will get Mentorship Incentive up to RM4,000 as reward.

Earn RM7300 If You’re New In LG

RM7300 income for just 10 sales a month! Everyone can achieve. What about if you have 20 sales, 30 sales like me? Or you have 40 sales, 50 sales a month like someone in our team? The highest record we achieved is 200 sales a month, bulk sales to a company.

Earn RM28,000 If You’re Expert

If you are expert in sales, online marketing or recruiting, RM28,000 income a month is not a problem!

Focus 10 Sales A Month!

What we need to do is, everyone just focus 10 sales a month! Of course, you can do more than 10 sales, up to you. I do 25 sales every month.

LG PuriCare Commission Scheme

Let’s say if you sell a LG smart mask for one-off, you get 13% commission of the selling price, which is RM97.37.

Or you rent a LG water purifier with the rental price of RM110 per month, you get 3 months commissions which is RM330.

How to earn RM7300 in LG PuriCare?

If we just focus on LG water purifier, one rental unit we earn RM330, how about 10 units? We earn RM3300.

Once we achieved 10 unit benchmark in a month, LG will top up additional bonus commission RM3000 and performance incentive RM1000. Total RM7300 extra income a month!

It's an extra income for me, because I am not depended on LG's income, I have other businesses, retail shop and offices as well. LG saved my life during MCO, as my business can't operate during that time, but I still need to pay my staff salaries.

If we're part-time in LG, our income will be part-time; If we're full-time in LG, our income will be full-time. I definitely won't work part-time in LG, but my other businesses and job also as important as LG, so what am I?

I am not working part-time or full-time in LG. I work in any-time.

Whenever there is a sales lead, or enquiry about LG, I will reply in any-time.

Alone You Run Fast, Together You Run Far

By doing 10 sales a month, you get RM7300. How about if 10 of your downlines also doing 10 sales a month? Even you holiday you can get RM28,000 passive income a month!

How about if your downline’s downline also doing 10 sales a month? The figure is too big I can’t calculate, it will be 6 figure income! I haven’t reach that level, but my upline is earn 6 figure a month now.

Three Requirements Before You Start

1. Do you have any sales & marketing skills or experience? If yes, how you will do it via online and offline?

2. Do you know how to create content online? Such as posting and creating ads on Facebook or Instagram? Or even Google?

3. Do you have confidence about LG company and the product? Do you have confidence about yourself, do you believe you can learn if you not sure how to start it?

Welcome to LG

If three requirement above are Yes, Yes and Yes, welcome to LG!

Fill Up The Form

Just fill up the form here, and we will brief you how to start. There is no joining fee, we only accept serious person who are ready to build your career here.

Join Us Today!

Join the right industry, the right company, the right team and follow the right person!

You probably heard about LG PuriCare business plan from others, but you still not sure how? Follow me, dare to change. We care, we change our life together.